Gag the Cabinet for confusing everyone?

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It is oftentimes said that one of the reasons given in censoring films, books and even news portals is the fact that these elements can “confuse” Malaysians. For some reason or another, it seems that telling Malaysians that heuristic logics of merely yes or no being insufficient is considered a crime.

As such, could we actually push for the gagging of the entire Cabinet, as they seem to confuse everyone who reads whatever they say in the news?

Allow me to review some salient details in my askance for this:

When the RM2.6 billion donation first hit the headlines, our own Datuk Seri Najib Razak came out saying that the money did end up in his account but it wasn’t for “personal gain”.

And yet, when the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) investigated the case, our Attorney-General threw out the investigation because the money was returned to the donor – even if it was only RM2.03 billion – that’s short of RM570 million, by the way.

Yet, there weren’t any grounds for charges to be filed, even if some RM570 million was not returned nor used for personal gain?

Then another question pops up. Just this week, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman said that our prime minister never received any income from private companies. And yet, it was highlighted that Najib allegedly had two credit cards paid with by a company called SRC International totalling RM3.2 million.

So if it wasn’t payment by a private company,  was it another “donation”, a membership privilege card or a business credit card sponsored wholly by the company? Is having such a card not considered payment, even if it totals up to RM3.2 million?

Meanwhile, it was recently alleged that Barisan Nasional (BN) spent more than RM1.5 billion in the last general election. This was confirmed by Melaka Chief Minister Idris Harun.

Yet, nobody knows where the money came from? Isn’t this a question that should come up more often within Barisan Nasional itself? Heck, isn’t this something for the MACC to actually investigate?

Meanwhile, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low said that the recently launched National Consultative Committee on Political Funding (JKNMPP) would disallow foreign funders. It would also disallow funds from government-linked companies (GLC) – yet remained vague if this included subsidiary companies under these companies.

Similarly, the committee will not be limiting the amount donated by private political funding.

Thus, could a GLC with a small RM2 company in Labuan donate billions upon billions of cash even if the money came from a foreign donor? It would be a local company, even if the money came from a hypothetical Saudi prince, would it not?

In fact, isn’t this what got Najib into a scandal in the first place.

To summarise, Najib received RM2.6 billion in donations, returned it short RM570 million, spent RM3.2 million in credit cards under his name but paid for by a private company – but he didn’t use the money for personal gain, as chairman of BN spent some RM1.5 billion in the 2013 General Election campaign, and did not receive money from any private company even if they are paying his credit cards.

Meanwhile, political parties may not get private donations from GLCs or foreign funding, but it may receive unlimited funds from local companies even if the money is actually from some billion dollar eccentric foreign donor?

And yet, “some Malaysians” can get “confused” with “pork free” signboards which need to be taken down, and even get “confused” reading news portals, which subsequently must be blocked?

Thus, perhaps we do need to “censure” the entirety of the Malaysian Cabinet for issuing statements which have more roundabouts than Shah Alam itself.

On this same basis, since “some Malaysians” apparently cannot deal with being confused to the point that maybe their marriages would fail and the sky would come tumbling down and the world will suddenly become flat – and maybe Voldemort will become real, cause a landslide, and we will all need Harry Potter to take him down – perhaps the Cabinet needs to basically be told to shut up.

Published: The Heat Malaysia

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