DAP can dish out parodies, but can’t stomach it

DAP can do parodies, but can’t handle it? DAP is well known for propaganda involving parodies. Teresa Kok made a video of it. So did Tony Pua.

In fact, they thrive on it. But what happens when the tables are reversed?

Can’t stomach parody
Well, it seems that their not so accepting of people making jokes and parodies about them.
In the latest DAP snafu, the political party that thrives on parodies sounded off a cafe owner simply for posting an ad featuring Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Sköhns Canteen promo

This image was uploaded to promote their 30 percent off pasta Friday’s, and Sköhns has been known to take a piss on local issues including our own Attorney General Tan Sri Apandi Ali.

But instead of taking it in good humour, the owner of the cafe received this message instead.


Instead of shrugging it off and moving on, the party is now in such a state of paranoia over Lim’s image that they’re sending out polite threats?

So can they really make noise when the prime minister and his supporters find their own parodies in bad taste?

This case above is a shining example that the DAP is a party that is quickly proving itself hypocritical just like any other.

They should have just shut up about it and told Lim to go try the food out of good sport.

I guess DAP can dish out the heat but can’t handle it themselves. And this is the party that promotes and demands freedom of speech and expression?

So congratulations to DAP for proving that free speech is fine, unless it makes fun of their own Secretary General.

Good job.

14 thoughts on “DAP can dish out parodies, but can’t stomach it

    1. The manager is just being impartial, not stupid, in his parodying or as a Malay saying ‘ tak pilih bulu’. This incident just show the double standard of DAP & their cohort, which I assume based on your comment, include you as well.

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  1. Medaline is DAP’s chief online handler who operates out of DAP HQ. She was also in the last DAP fundraising video featuring the fake Arab and Tony Pua with Teo Nie Ching. She has been intimiating members and others on social media for years. There was an incident some years ago when she used multiple dummy accounts to quarrel with the admin of Facebook page Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better over raids conducted by the MPPJ. She also uses Pages and profiles under DAP HQ’s control to direct DAP supporters on how to respond to situations with set replies.


  2. How do you like when people let go and express their opinion, this is only a small teaser and there you are showing your ugliness on trifle joke like this. How do you know its directed to LGE, for a start to show a good example why don’t you release the name of your donor (billions ringgit) during the PR13 and now the berseh campaign to show to BN that you are a clean party.


  3. Dear Hafidz,

    DAP actually responded in good faith and politely asked the owner to remove the poster. They even post a smiley. Nobody’s being hypocritical. On the other hand when the last time DAP did this kinda parody, it sparked a mass demonstration and received threats from who else. The reaction from the public just goes to show how much hatred we the public has towards the evil regime.


  4. I re-read the message but fail to find any threat whether direct or implied. So, why not view it as a ‘request’ instead of a ‘polite threat’? All your other points are spot on, especially on politicians must be able to take a jibe from Joe Public.

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  5. From a business writer to a trash writer. Well I guess that’s all u r good at. The cafe has the right to use parody, so does DAP the right to rebut. But most of all, those who find the parody distasteful have the right not to visit this shop, which is most likely it is discontinued. DAP is not that powerful to cause it, u r giving them too much credit.


    1. By all means, nobody questions your rights, JinHou. Just like I have a right to write, so do you have a right to boycott.

      And you’re right. I gave the DAP and its supporters too much credit for expecting them to shake it off and have good humour.

      Just like when the cafe made fun of Najib, the IGP and even the AG and nobody from Umno cared.

      My mistake.

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  6. LGE should have just visited the canteen, have a coffee and turn it into a public engagement session. No need to even request the owner to remove it.


  7. The Lim Guan Eng Bungalow issue has shown us the true stripes of the DAP although they were already hypocrites for a long time. An immature and hypocrite party made up of Chauvinists and racists members who only sees the wrongs in others but not themselves.

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