Goldilocks and the three PMs



A long, long time ago, Goldilocks ruled a fair land for 22 years. However, to the end of her tenure as prime minister, suddenly there was unrest in the land. People were starting to believe that she was a dictator, in which everything must be done her way or no way at all.

Thus, she decided to step down from her seat of power and appointed her deputy as PM. And things were good for a while. That is, until she decided one day that this PM was too soft spoken, soft hearted, and ruled casually.

This PM was too soft for Goldilocks.

This did not do for someone like Goldilocks, who used an iron gauntlet, hands on approach. Thus, she said she had made a mistake and decided that it was time to remove this first PM from power.

And thus, the soft hearted PM fell out of grace and had to be replaced with another person, who Goldilocks approved of.

And for a while, Goldilocks was happy with the arrangement. It made matters even better that her son managed to reach the level of ruling a state to the north. But then, projects that Goldilocks had taken care of during her tenure started being forgotten.

After all, Goldilocks was still advising a few of these establishments, including one which was making carriages and had continually been in financial strains.

At the same time, Goldilocks noticed that this new PM ruled with an iron fist as well, almost similar to herself.

Heck, it turned out this new guy was too much alike to Goldilocks, in fact did some things better like shut down online newspapers, suing bloggers and politicians and even threatening to sue foreign establishments while at the same time managing to purchase private jets and also get billions in donations into his personal account.

Thus, Goldilocks found this PM too hard.

So, Goldilocks went about her machinations to try and topple this Prime Minister as well, but her words weren’t meaningful enough to raise enough support to topple him.

At the same time, her son was also kicked out from ruling the northern state due to Goldilocks’ constant harping on this hard PM.

As such, Goldilocks decided that she had to go about it another way. She remembered that she had once had three bears she contended with for a house – and decided it was time for an alliance.

And thus, Goldilocks decided to ask the three bears for assistance in toppling this current PM, with hopes that the next PM will be “just nice” to rule the country. And yet, nobody knows who this new person is just yet, even though they are all in agreement that this hard PM must go.

But there was still a problem.

Now, Goldilocks had to convince the people who had supported the bears as well as her own that this alliance and the future “just nice” PM would be beneficial for the country as compared to this current one.

But the people of the land being split between bears, Goldilocks, the former soft PM and even those who didn’t support anyone in the first place could not unite together to topple the hard Prime Minister.

And this is where Malaysia is at now.

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