“Old” people can’t serve?

You know, growing up in a Malay household tends to educate you on a lot of things – you learn to respect your elders with the whole “ooo, menjawab” chide that follows every now and then. 

You will also have parents who insist you respect elders regardless of what they say about you. 

In fact, I do believe this is a very Asian thing not limited to the Malays. 

Thus, I guess Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi’s own daughter probably didn’t get this memo that the rest of those with Umno supporting parents did. 

In her latest and perhaps a very awkwardly worded comment for a Comms Manager, she decided to comment on the less than favourable service of our national airline’s cabin crew. 

I’ve flown MAS before, I’ve flown JAL, AirAsia, Qatar and even British Airways. The latter just recently to London and back. 

Now the thing I will say personally is that I board these flights with no expectations of service in mind because even if my own partner had to put up with my shenanigans on the most ‘mengada’ of days for 14 hours, he would be driven insane and ask for a breakup. 

Times that over a full flight of 200 to 300 people that you have to deal with in close proximity, and you have a feat worthy of driving anyone insane. 

Especially when you leave the plane with not a single hair out of place and a smile frozen on your face. 

This is professionalism. 

Thus, when Nurulhidayah – a chief in Corporate Communications in a national housing GLC – goes on a rather public rant and calls out a cabin crew for being “old”, then someone has lost perspective. 

True, we Malaysians do speak out and rant to the point of profanity and it may not be a reflection of our forefathers and even our jobs. 

But at the same time, we do not have parents in public office. 

Thus, what the heck was she thinking?

How can you complain that they are taking it personally when your comment is something beyond natural control?

If old age is an issue with you, and you mention it in a so-called “professional comment”, guess what?

It isn’t professional any longer. In fact, it reeks of ageism. And considering all of our upbringing as Asians, it is an arrogance worthy of Kanye West. 

Who knows, maybe if she ever becomes a leader she’ll tweet Facebook asking for a donation too. 

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