Why Ali Tinju’s actions were racist

In the last week, Mohd Ali Baharom – better known as Ali Tinju – decided it was necessary to take a stroll down to DAP Headquarters and hand over a memorandum. 

The contents were as he says to ask for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to go on leave while investigations continue regarding his bungalow purchase. 

Lim is also DAP’s Secretary General. 

Now, the call for Lim going on leave has been brought up by multiple people – within the DAP, Hakam chief Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan and even those on the opposite political aisle –  heck, even me. 

And yet, only Ali Tinju’s actions are racist for a simple reason. 
On the handing over of the memorandum to the DAP, Ali insisted on only a Chinese accepting the document – because a Malay DAP member was already waiting to greet him on site. 
Thus, if it was a political move by the red shirted morons, then it would’ve been acceptable for Edry Faizal – the Malay DAP guy – to accept the memorandum. 

But no, apparently Ali was adamant that it be accepted only by a Chinese. 

Now, I’m not sure what proper rationale there is in this move. But then again, by Ali’s own actions, there is only one logic. 

Perhaps only a Chinese guy can touch pigs without having to perform a cleansing ritual. 

Well, that would explain it rather well. 

Ali’s actions are racist. They have always been racist against the Chinese Malaysian community since his kicking out of the veterans club which performed their “assinine” show in front of Ambiga’s house ages ago. 

And he was again stoking hatred at the Low Yat riot where videos were taken of his speech which were of even better quality than the one which Loh Gwo Burne took a long time ago. 

You didn’t have a question of “looks like me, sounds like me, but not me”. 

Yet no charges were allowed by the Attorney General then. Why? Lack of evidence. 

Thus now, with Malaysiakini having a video of the event, perhaps our Attorney General will finally take action against Ali not only for inciting racial hatred, but also for threatening to burn down a building. 

Last I checked, arson threats were in fact a serious crime. 

So we leave it to the DAP to file their police reports. And we leave it to the Royal Malaysian Police and also the Attorney General’s Chambers to prove that these institutions are both acting independently and professionally. 

Because if not, there is only so much the Malaysian people can accept. 

And if the rot of political patronage has indeed tampered justice then we will all be looking at a nation that will be in for one hell of a revolution come 2018. 

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