Brain fart: Ugh, Malaysians *rolls eyes and sigh*

You have to ask yourselves whether the next generation will be up to scratch.

It is a changed world, with paedophiles grouping together and sharing kiddie porn on Telegram, while kids begin to get into awkward situations that borders being born with a lack of self preservation.

In the last few months, Malaysian kids have found themselves incapable of even using escalators – something the general population has been using for the past four decades and more.

We have seen feet mangled, hands getting stuck, and even genitals somehow getting caught between two steps of an escalator.

Just last year, two kids took a swan dive at two separate malls in the country, after somehow getting through the safety rail and barrier gaps.

So, is this a genetic predisposition among the latest generation as a result of overpopulation? Perhaps one should study it.

Of course, the parents cannot be held accountable for such accidents. They were all the act of God, even if they were too busy Instagramming, checking in on Facebook or even trying to finally solve that level on Candy Crush.

Meanwhile, a British paedophile somehow managed to accrue some 200 victims and counting in Malaysia, even when the local police had been informed of his whereabouts by international authorities.

A local newspaper went undercover and exposed the issue of grooming kids by paedophiles, finally warranting serious action from the authorities. Of course, the red flags were raised much sooner, when a Mara scholar was caught in the United Kingdom.

And yes, the messaging application will be talked to by the commission in charge, in order to monitor paedophiles. But remember, if you publish government corruption stories in a blog, you must be blocked without any further discussion.

And yet, our government pleaded for him to be returned, with the fund chairman saying he did nothing wrong according to the laws of our country. At the same time, child marriages are still happening and defended by the religious right wing while the government keeps mum.

Thus, it seems that you can be a paedophile and even marry a prepubescent or just come of age girl, as long as you worship the right God.

Meanwhile, all Muslims must support the passing of a legal bill which will allow states to exemplify sharia law and stricter punishments, or be branded heretics. And yet, if a woman speaks out against such laws, it is alright to threaten her with rape.

In fact, it is alright to threaten women with rape if they don’t wear a headscarf, speak fluent English, or even perform gymnastics in a leotard. All fair game for everyone.

At the same time, it is acceptable to kill people even if the religion prohibits it. All fine and good if the people are pluralists, gays, and liberals. Because they are enemies of your religion. Not that you are at war or anything, but still, they are enemies.

And even if you don’t kill them, you should support killing them because somehow, it is the right thing to do in some warped up version of your religion.

At the same time, you can still adhere to your religion which preaches an end to racism, but be a racist. Because politicians say it is doable, therefore you can wear red shirts, call others a pig and tell them to get out of the country, even if you yourself were a migrant.

It is fine, since you are all princes of the soil, even if you adopted the soil much later than some of these migrants.

The above is a satirical take of the Malaysia we live in. It is the Malaysia we have grown to become. And yet, a large majority doesn’t see it as a problem – they don’t see it as their problem.

Will we actually rebound into a more caring society which handles these issues properly, or will we become a simple, let-it-be nation that doesn’t care of others except when they don’t wear a headscarf or are holding hands out of wedlock?

Therein lies the mindset of the majority. And while some might say hope springs eternal, one wonders in Malaysia today if the “spring” is merely a sprinkler with the faucet turned off by a moron who doesn’t want to get wet.

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