So, who got money from Soros in 2014?

While Bersih is now being defensive about accepting funds a rather long time ago from an association linked to Soros, DC Leaks actually highlighted something even more current. 

A spreadsheet from DC Leaks on Soros details a huge bunch of Southeast Asian NGOs which were listed out as finalists to get funding for 2014. 

Among the popular Malaysian non-government entities listed as finalists include Penang Institute, Malaysian Bar Council, Suaram, Komas, Citizen Journalists of Sabah, Lawyers For Liberty, C4 Malaysia and even Tenaganita. 

Oh, and not forgetting Kini.TV

I’ll let the press go ahead and ask if these finalists actually got any funds from the SEAI. 

More importantly, I don’t really care where civil societies and even political parties get their money from. 

But they should have been very, very transparent about it, especially as advocates of transparency. 

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