Taking religion to the skies?

A recent news piece highlighted yet again how far religion is used as a marketing tool – this time, learning to read the Koran in a private jet for RM33,000 an hour. 
Of course, those paying attention to social media may have seen yet another one – the ability to hire someone to read your personal prayer in Mecca – a doa valet. 
First off, how on earth are these people running a business without the interference of religious authorities is a mystery to me. 
I mean, here are the guys who have raided drag queen beauty pageants, hotels, bars, even restaurant during the fasting month of Ramadhan. 
It’s the same bunch who have a problem with “pretzel dogs” and even “root beer”.
And yet, plutocratic classes for learning the Koran and even a hired service for prayers is – acceptable, perhaps? Not as worrisome? 
Allowed with justified altruistic goals for heavenly benefit, maybe?
I’ve got to ask. How is it that the religious authorities, with a federal budget this year of RM880 million, are allowing such things to go through?
Don’t these things require necessary oversight from Jakim, if not state religious authorities?
Perhaps this is something Jakim should look into, any business which uses a religious connotation requires a license and oversight from Jakim itself. 
After all, they already do it with halal food products and sharia certified services like the KTM Komuter trains. 
Let’s face it, there are gullible Malay Malaysians who are falling for religious advertising of dubious services and products. 
And Islam, believe it or not, is in fact being used as a marketing tool by individuals trying to make a profit in the market. 
Thus, what can authorities and consumers do? Who can they report these con jobs to?
Of course, there is the Muslim Consumers Association, for one. They were the ones who asked for a ‘pig logo’ on the pig bristle brushes. 
But who is in charge and with the authority to take action against, let’s say, the mineral water company who advertises having the entire Koran read before its packing?
Or the chicken which advertises something similar? Or the eggs advertising that it comes from a single couple of cock and hen, and not a result of poultry promiscuity?
Shouldn’t we have a bill of law to take care of those using religion fraudulently?
And also, can we have a new law to punish the Malaysians who fall for all of these either out of stupidity or even desperation?
Perhaps an ankle bracelet and the need to attend mosques every night to actually learn the religion and not fall prey to totally warped advertising?
Either way, this needs to be dealt with swiftly and as a means to stop ruining a beautiful religion from total ridicule. 
If the Malaysian government is serious in its goal to have moral authority on its books, then these need to be dealt with swiftly. 

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