If you want government contracts, then stop calling it a New Malaysia

I wasn’t surprised when PPBM VP Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said it would be stupid not to give contracts and works to division leaders of the party so that they can gain cash to service their divisions.

I wasn’t even surprised when this was followed up by him saying the party needed to win elections “by hook or by crook”.

I was, however, surprised that nobody mentioned that the former Electoral Commission Chairman was also formerly a member of the Perkasa echelons. Were we really expecting anything different from this group.

Similarly, what shocked me the most, is that these statements were met with a standing ovation and cheers instead of the rational reaction of gasps and boos.

Thus, it is clear that the new Malay party is not so new at all. Instead, it seems that Malaysia truly voted to replace one man’s cronyism with another man’s cronyism.

If such is true, then Pakatan Harapan need to stop selling the narrative of a “Malaysia Baru” or New Malaysia – because what has happened through PPBM is the replacement of the Umno cronyism mentality with that of a PPBM cronyism mentality.

Worse still, how is it that this preference for PPBM division heads is suddenly part of the Cabinet meeting agenda held on Wednesday’s?

Yes, we do need a new Malaysian mindset, where we maintain agendas needed to raise the disadvantaged to get on their own two feet. However, when we talk about the “disadvantaged”, it should not be focused on just one race – it should be focused on economics and income.

Of course, if you wanted to, you could even add on the need to support large families on middle level incomes as well.

The biggest question that PPBM needs to bring up is this – what is the Bumiputera agenda?

The answer is that it is the same as all other agendas – class war, rural urban divide, not enough spots in public tertiary institutions and the lack of access to financial backing.

How is this any different from anyone else? Truth is, it isn’t.

But….there are more Bumiputeras than anyone else in the country by a ratio of 3 to 2. And 70 percent of that population voted to maintain the same old 60 year government that everyone else called corrupt to the core.

And some of their elected leaders have now jumped ship and are expecting to support the government in return for funding to do exactly what Rashid said was stupid not to do.

If you don’t jump in to care for these leaders, their constituents would then believe they have voted for nothing and lose hope for the change towards this “new Malaysia” narrative marketed by their leaders.

Or….you could explain to Malaysians that a “New Malaysia” is not about getting a payoff, or getting money to increase your monthly income like a bonus, or even about getting a job to earn income to show off your status to the rest of the community that you can hand out money for their needs.

What if….the New Malaysia marketed is one where the poor and the leaders come together to look for a solution together, where requests for development are considered thoroughly and solutions generated are put to the community for funding first before a demand on a government in deficit?

What if…the New Malaysia is one with a RM200 million fund collected since their victory to do such things in rural townships for the benefit of such small communities?

What if…rather than have tycoons thinking of getting refugees working in their companies by establishing in Turkey, they thought of doing similarly for those here in Malaysia?

Think on that, then think about what you want for a New Malaysia. If not, just end the bloody narrative that is simply a pot calling kettle black.

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