Do Malays still need a crutch?

The question is still in play after 60 plus years of independence, billions reserved, and even 12 Malaysian Plans, going on to the thirteenth – yes, there has been the same number of Malaysia Plans as The Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who series.


That being said, are the Malays still desperately in need of a crutch. By “Malays”, which ones do we believe are in need of assistance?


Are we are talking about the coastal fishermen, the rubber and oil palm smallhoders, and paddy farmer?


By all means, these few do need some form of assistance and do require further aid in the form of insurance and loans to get their farming going and mechanised, if there is a push for the Industrial Revolution 4.0.


But, do these “Malays needing crutches” go all the way up to the owners of petrol stations who worry about going broke from floating the petrol price and the Tan Sris, the Tuns, the Datuk Seris and even the Datuks at the age of 26 or older, who ride on a private jet around the country.


I’m sure many can see where I am going with this line, but let’s say there are those gullible enough to say “they all need a crutch” and ask – why?


At this point I think we should ask ourselves why PPBM believes their division chiefs need assistance, when compared to the division chiefs of PKR, DAP and even Amanah.


Or better yet, since the idea is that division chiefs and village chiefs are to provide financial assistance to all those on the grassroot levels in all localities, why limit it to pro-government parties?


Isn’t any Malaysian regardless of politics due to financial assistance regardless of their political following, if any?


You will notice that by now I used the term Malaysian, not a Malay, or an Indian, or a Chinese, or a Chindian, or even a Malaysian of Sumatran, Javanese, Bangladeshi, Filipino or even Orang Asli heritage.


Is it still not time to push this agenda to one without race and only concerning income levels?


Because if not, it truly is the opening scene of The Purge: Election Year, of having someone yelling out that there’s “not enough to go around, some can have, some can not have” – though, I do hope we do not see Pakatan Harapan in the same light as the fictitious New Founding Fathers of America.


Nor should a party AGM sound like a group of mobster family godfathers asking to be allowed to “wet their beaks”.


The operative word that PPBM needs to work on, for their Bumiputera agenda, is justification. Why should the Bumiputeras be the only ones to receive such privileges in these times?


Where does the Bumiputera group stand in terms of equity among the others?


And if there continues to be a widening gap, or even a gap so far with all the privileges in place, why has it not moved towards a favourable income level equitable to everyone else?



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