A FINAS license for social media videos? What communistic bureaucrat thought this one up?

Well, this is going to get really awkward really fast.

Our Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said that those producing and posting videos on social media for commercial purposes must also file a license with the National Film Development Corporation (Finas).

Under the Finas Act, film producers are required to inform the corporation via existing channels seven (7) days prior to filming, and this includes social media platforms

This is very awkward. Imagine having to inform Finas that you’ll be flying a drone in a property project to produce an ad for Instagram.

I’m guessing this falls under the act? Does it? Doesn’t it?

Similarly, could the Act also be used against Malaysian Youtubers who have enough followers to earn money from the social video platform?

Can you imagine how ridiculous this will be if implemented overseas?

The Studio channel in South Korea would have to file for a license every time they make a dance tutorial.

Binging with Babish would have to decide one week before what to cook next and inform the Corporation.

The city walkers like Rambalac and Seoul Walker would have to decide a week before just where to walk next and inform Finas, and wait for their licenses to be approved.

What kind of idiotic bureaucratic communist country produced this law?

Well, it turns out it’s democratic Malaysia.

One can only imagine taking a video of cats playing about, getting featured on BoredPanda.com or Buzzfeed, and then getting a letter from the Corporation asking if we had a license and be fined for it.

One wonders if Sugu Pavithra is going to have to apply for a license every time she cooks!

One can only imagine what’s going through the heads of the vaping promo videos on Facebook right now.

To the minister, perhaps it is time to reconsider the law, especially when social media and video content has moved on faster than you can cope, and faster than Finas itself can cope?

Would Finas like to clarify just how fast it can approve licenses? And how much it would cost for anyone to produce a 1 minute video like Nas Daily?

When laws become ridiculous, it is time to either amend it or repeal it. Minister, this is one of those laws because the way it will apply to social media video content and online video advertising will make everything unlicensed to the point we might as well become a nation of pirates.

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