What we need, is an election

We need an election. There is no going around it.

As government continues to combat the pandemic, internal squabbles are starting over who gets to claim credit for it have begun. Leaked conversations from UMNO have clearly shown this. As such, it is truly time for the Malaysian people to demand an election.

We should have had one in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. However, there were some rats who were more concerned with the rising number of COVID-19 cases as well as the high monetary cost of snap polls.

Oh, if only we could gauge their reactions to this clusterfuck we are facing now.

The main reason we need to call for an election is to get a fresh mandate of who should run the country.

The economy is tanking.

The virus is now in the community and our way of combatting it is to ramp up vaccination in a race of sorts.

We could have lowered those figures had we had a proper lockdown of all sectors but even our current deputy prime minister left a quip of how he locked the front door, only to have someone open the back door – we all knew who he meant.

As of now, we do not have a stable government, nor a stable economy, or even a stable middle class. Our own director-general in the Ministry of Health had said they were overworked, underfunded and underpaid – while dealing with a pandemic, no less.

Thus, it is high time for us to choose new leadership who can tell us their solutions to all of these issues. Settling the issue of political instability, will subsequently lead to economic confidence given the right policy making, which will then lead to recovery.

Certain parties have asked for a doubling of the amount given to the lower and middle income groups – the same parties that cut welfare before claiming no money. Do they think there is money now, or only comfortable in asking for it when someone else is holding the wallet?

More than all this, there is a need for Malaysians to become politically mature at a rapid rate. Holding an election while people are harbouring petty sentiment rather than looking at policy will be the downfall of this country for everyone.

Delve deep and grill your politicians. Ask them how they would fix this economy. How long will they need. Will they be relying on foreign bailouts. Will there be new taxes. Will there be more welfare. How will they ensure SMEs recover.

Ask for facts over rhetoric. Too long have some politicians survived on pure rhetorical skill with empty brains.

You know they will come at you with sob stories. You know they will come at you with a promise of utopia. You know they will come at you with some insane bogeyman. And more importantly, you now know that both sides will make promises they can’t keep.

So, now that you know all these – stop falling for it like an idiot in the upcoming election next year.

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