Retirement age and unemployment

By Hafidz Baharom If there were any more divisive topic beyond politics, it would be about age - the age of voting, driving, drinking, smoking, withdrawing our Employee Providence Fund (EPF) monies, and finally - retirement. The government is now in the process of studying whether or not to raise the official retirement age of … Continue reading Retirement age and unemployment

Unity can’t happen in silos, needs common ground

By Hafidz Baharom In the past week, views have been published in the media about how Malaysia has become a mess, with some even saying the country is dying. As melodramatic as it is to the point of being worthy of a Cerekarama script, Malaysia does have a problem. However, do people really want it … Continue reading Unity can’t happen in silos, needs common ground

Kids having meals together is a damn good idea

Kids having breakfast together is a good idea By Hafidz Baharom Some might have noticed that the Malaysians Minister for Education Maszlee Malik decided to have schools provide a free breakfast for kids in all schools here beginning January 2020. To implement this, Maszlee said that the cash would be funded by the sugar beverage … Continue reading Kids having meals together is a damn good idea

Column – More to affordable home equation

HOUSING and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin announced that the government will now allow student loan defaulters to be exempted from housing loan rules. I am not sure how the CCRIS system of credit checks will allow this. A credit score in the system is affected even by the payment of utility bills. And how … Continue reading Column – More to affordable home equation

Selling off PLUS needs answers

Selling off PLUS needs answers By Hafidz Baharom It comes as quite a surprise that the government is considering to sell off their stake in the North South Expressway toll concessionaire PLUS to Maju Holdings. Though to be fair, it was even more surprising that Utusan Malaysia is in support of the deal. That is … Continue reading Selling off PLUS needs answers