So who is ultimately responsible?

The DAP today came out with documents refuting allegations of wrongdoing with the Taman Manggis land issue, citing  documents noting the decision by  the former Gerakan led state government had in fact stopped the empty plot from being developed.  Thus now, the onus goes back to the Penang Barisan Nasional coalition to answer why this … Continue reading So who is ultimately responsible?

Half time: Education and the DLP

The Malaysian Parliament is currently in session. Those interesting in watching these proceedings live can do so here. First off, a shout out to Kasthuri Patto for asking the Education Minister to answer regarding the Pos Tohoi Orang Asli school tragedy. I will personally admit that I had forgotten that it is now 7 months … Continue reading Half time: Education and the DLP

Did Penang allow land to be sold to an offshore company?

In Malaysian parliament currently, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and his Barisan Nasional (BN) counterparts from Penang dropped even more bombs on the current Taman Manggis land controversy. All this comes after the ejection of the state's chief minister and Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng from the hall, followed by the exit of all MPs from … Continue reading Did Penang allow land to be sold to an offshore company?

Someone’s turned on by the news…

In perhaps the most awkward comparison to news, Malaysia's minister for Communication and Multimedia today defended the blocking of┬áThe Malaysian Insider. According to Tan Sri Salleh Keruak, this was because the content of the news portal was undesirable content similar to that of online porn. Now this is a revelation, because I personally never imagined … Continue reading Someone’s turned on by the news…