Kids having meals together is a damn good idea

Kids having breakfast together is a good idea By Hafidz Baharom Some might have noticed that the Malaysians Minister for Education Maszlee Malik decided to have schools provide a free breakfast for kids in all schools here beginning January 2020. To implement this, Maszlee said that the cash would be funded by the sugar beverage … Continue reading Kids having meals together is a damn good idea

On the UPU application process

Yet another bright student has failed to get a placement in a university and is now appealing the decision via Twitter to Dr Maszlee Malik. However, there are a few things to consider in this case. Yes, she scored brilliantly in her Sijil Tinggi Peperiksaan Menengah (STPM) results. Had she already been in university, she … Continue reading On the UPU application process

Half time: Education and the DLP

The Malaysian Parliament is currently in session. Those interesting in watching these proceedings live can do so here. First off, a shout out to Kasthuri Patto for asking the Education Minister to answer regarding the Pos Tohoi Orang Asli school tragedy. I will personally admit that I had forgotten that it is now 7 months … Continue reading Half time: Education and the DLP