How do you “public transport” a place like Penang?

Gosh. What a loaded question. If you've been reading the news (read: Free Malaysia Today), you would notice that there has been a lot of back and forth between those who want the Penang LRT and those who believe the focus should be on existing public transport. Both have good points - Penang Island has … Continue reading How do you “public transport” a place like Penang?

Regarding public transport and KL

Regarding public transport and KL By Hafidz Baharom Before we begin looking at what manifestos should promise, we need to know what is already in place for Kuala Lumpur and the Greater Klang Valley. We have two Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines, and an additional line to link Bandar Utama to Klang by 2021 - … Continue reading Regarding public transport and KL