Happy 21st Anniversary, PSM

Happy 21st Anniversary, PSM By Hafidz Baharom The Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) recently celebrated their 21st anniversary after their formation on May 1, 1998. That said, the only party in Malaysia continues to be a sole voice in the country to promote the left wing ideology as their central thrust. However, they have yet to … Continue reading Happy 21st Anniversary, PSM

The Heat Malaysia column – Malaysia’s shrinking media scene 

A news piece in a local portal caught my eye, detailing the plight of the media sector, particularly journalists. If you have yet to notice, there has definitely been a shrinking media industry in Malaysia. In fact, this trend will not be turning around anytime soon, and it did not start with The Malaysian Insider. … Continue reading The Heat Malaysia column – Malaysia’s shrinking media scene 

Media: To regulate or not (Part 2)

(You can read Part 1 here.) In Part 2, we talk about the pro-regulation argument for media. Media is this sense covers everything from ads to maintream papers to radio and television and of course, the Internet. Do we let society regulate itself, and does it actually regulate? This is the argumentative basis when we … Continue reading Media: To regulate or not (Part 2)

Someone’s turned on by the news…

In perhaps the most awkward comparison to news, Malaysia's minister for Communication and Multimedia today defended the blocking of The Malaysian Insider. According to Tan Sri Salleh Keruak, this was because the content of the news portal was undesirable content similar to that of online porn. Now this is a revelation, because I personally never imagined … Continue reading Someone’s turned on by the news…