How do you “public transport” a place like Penang?

Gosh. What a loaded question. If you've been reading the news (read: Free Malaysia Today), you would notice that there has been a lot of back and forth between those who want the Penang LRT and those who believe the focus should be on existing public transport. Both have good points - Penang Island has … Continue reading How do you “public transport” a place like Penang?


Federalising Penang is political

Federalising Penang is political By Hafidz Baharom To understand the recent idea to federalise Penang, I would have to take you back to the Malaysian timeline.  It has nothing to do with "helping all races". The move to federalise Penang is an old school Umno tactic to deny administering a state by the DAP.  And … Continue reading Federalising Penang is political