If everyone’s racist…

Joan Lau of the Malay Mail wrote a brilliant commentary on their website on how we are all racists. And honestly, I love this one quote she wrote: We, as communities, fight for our “rights” and are not willing to give a centimetre because we think in previous times we have already given away too … Continue reading If everyone’s racist…


It is now revealed that closed circuit television (CCTV) footage is covered under the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). If this is true, then we are in a very grey area when it comes to social media. If all footage handled by security both private and government is considered CCTV footage, then the videos … Continue reading CCTVs and PDPA

Selling off PLUS needs answers

Selling off PLUS needs answers By Hafidz Baharom It comes as quite a surprise that the government is considering to sell off their stake in the North South Expressway toll concessionaire PLUS to Maju Holdings. Though to be fair, it was even more surprising that Utusan Malaysia is in support of the deal. That is … Continue reading Selling off PLUS needs answers

Full article – Change, but change meaningfully

Change, but change meaningfully By Hafidz Baharom It was an awkward week when you have a prime minister saying that a government linked investment company did not achieve it’s objective of furthering the Bumiputera agenda. Mostly because he was talking about Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which I’m not sure if it even had the duty of … Continue reading Full article – Change, but change meaningfully

After Buku Harapan, #UndiRosak most valid option

After Buku Harapan, #UndiRosak most valid option   By Hafidz Baharom   After reading the so-called Book of Hope marketed by Pakatan Harapan as their manifesto for the upcoming general election, I have to say that it leaves us truly no choice other than to spoil our votes. Protect environment with cars and petrol?   … Continue reading After Buku Harapan, #UndiRosak most valid option

Why Pakatan is freaking out over #UndiRosak

Why Pakatan is freaking out over #UndiRosak By Hafidz Baharom There have been so many parables over Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional that I have pretty much lost track of which one actually tells the tale properly. Initially, it was a mere story of Pepsi versus Coke, and both of hem might trigger diabetes and … Continue reading Why Pakatan is freaking out over #UndiRosak